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Fire Products

Specialist Safety Solutions

One of the most important safety precautions is to have fire safety products including smoke detectors, photoelectric sensors, fire extinguishers, and much more at home. These products can help keep your workforce and property safe.


A fire curtain is a fire retardant fabric that is designed to stop a fire from spreading out of the area where it started. They are most often used to contain fires that are in a doorway or hallway and they are often used in homes.

Factories & Warehouses
Factories & Warehouses

In industrial warehouse buildings with many doors that lead from outside into a building, it may not be feasible to put up a door for each doorway; therefore, the use of a fire curtain is recommended.


Fire curtains are effective at keeping the flames contained to one area because they work as a barrier. Fire curtains can also be installed to create a fire break in the event a fire spreads past them.


We also measure, manufacture and install fire curtains in the healthcare sector. These are an essential component to an efficient fire safety strategy in hospitals. When manufactured, all our fire curtains undergo stringent testing to ensure they meet the tough safety standards of the industry.


The use of fire curtains is common in theatres, cinemas, warehouses, and other buildings where there is a risk of fire. Fire curtains typically separate the space between two fire-resistant walls, and can be completely automated or can be manually operated by operators inside the space.


Office fire curtains are good for fire-resistant separation. Fire resistance curtains are made of fire retardant material, They are an ideal protective barrier between high-risk zones in warehouses, factories, and commercial buildings.

Our Process

Our four-step process is designed to be simple and stress-free from enquiry to installation.


Contact us and speak to a member of our friendly sales team.

Site Visit & Quote

Our product specialist will attend site, discuss your requirements and take measurements for our estimating team to raise a quotation.

Order & Manufacture

After placing your order, materials will be ordered and your goods are manufactured in house to ISO9001 specifications.


Our operations team will contact you to arrange installation, professionally installed by our in-house installation teams.

Why Custom Group?

Size matters

With over 50 directly employed people including 8 fitting teams, we have the resource to cope with the largest and most demanding projects.

Cost-effective products and services

Our buying power combined with lean in-house manufacturing enables us to keep pricing low, without compromising on quality or service.

Quality, bespoke products

All products are bespoke manufactured in our Ilkeston factory, exactly to your sizes /specification and to ISO9001 standards.

We'll handle everything

We'll measure, manufacture and professionally install your products without you having to involve any other third party.

We'd love to hear from you

Our sales team are on hand if you have any questions, call us at 0800 830 3060, email us at or use the form!